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Monday, March 15, 2010

Card turned Layout

Hi there! I've sure everyone has at one time had a "brilliant plan" about something and when you tried to turn your plan into reality, things just didn't work out so great. Yup! It's more than likely happened to everyone -- happens to me A LOT when I'm crafting -- especially when I'm working on scrapbook layouts. :p

A few years ago, one of my sisters gave me this amazing birthday card. I think I got tears in my eyes reading it! -- I just thought, "WOW!!!" This one's a keeper!!! (I'm big on not throwing stuff out!) But after my birthday was over, I was like..."this card is too nice not to be seen!" What's the point having it lie in a box and nobody sees it for like years... So, I figured...take it apart, and scrap it!

The thought was easier than the creating! Every time I sat down with the photo I wanted to use in the layout, I came up BLANK on layout ideas! So basically the card (or the pieces of the card that I was planning on using) have been lying somewhere on my scrap table for the past -- get this -- TWO YEARS!!!!

This weekend, I thought, "enough is enough!" TODAY I am scrapping this layout!!!

The card was made up of two verses on the front (on transparent paper)...and then two verse on white paper on the inside of the card. I had cut the four verses out with a scrappy-edged scissor, so there were no straight lines...and just pasting the verses on the layout didn't look good! It looked messy and strange.

I tried quite a few different ideas with the verses -- even tried printing them out -- but I just didn't like it! I finally decided to cut the original card verses into individual lines....and then strip journal the poem. I loved it!!! :)

This is what my final layout looks like -- I'm totally happy! :) Not to mention -- my sister -- the one in the photo -- loves it too!!! :) TFL

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