Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ribbon Tying Tutorial #2 -- The Classic Bow

NOTE: I made this tutorial a few months back...but I've gotten so many followers since then, I thought I'd post it again so people who missed it, could see it! :) Enjoy!!! :)

The classic bow is the bow that most people seem to be using on their cards, but it's also the bow that most people seem to be struggling with! And at first it was frustrating for me as well, but I was determined to get it! Now that I know the steps, it's actually a pretty basic bow...but one that truly looks amazing!!! I love using this bow!


When I first read the instructions for this bow, I was taken back to my childhood years. Did you learn to tie your shoelaces using "bunny ears"??? If so, then this bow should be a breeze! Yup -- it's all about the bunny ears. :)

Fold the ribbon back and forth to form two loops (or bunny ears!)

Tie the two bunny ears together, left over right.

Pull gently, and trim ends as desired.

NOTE: To really make the bow ties stand out...put your two fingers into the loops...and then pull gently. It gives it a little something extra! :)


 Start with your ribbon around the card. Cross left end over right end, wrap around, and pull through.

Make a loop with the ribbon that is now on your right side. Bring the left end toward you and around the loop. Push left end through hole forming a second loop. (basically tie a ribbon like you would your shoelaces on your sneakers)

Pull loops gently.

NOTE: I really don't like the second variation of this bow. If you can't make the bow look good...simply take a long piece of ribbon...tape the ends around the card. Then make a Classic Bow (Alone) and simply adhere the bow on the ribbon wherever you want it! I like this look a whole lot better -- and if you like what you see on my cards...this is what I do! So go get creative! :)


  1. Thanks for showing us how you make your ribbon bows. I will have to try this as mine always look like a 2 year old tie them.

  2. Awww thanks so much for this. This will be so useful xxx


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