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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Non-traditional Christmas Card Challenge

Hi there! I've seen so many people working on their Christmas cards already...and I think it's an awesome idea! This year especially I was determined to have all my Christmas cards handmade -- and man did that call for some stressful times!!! LOL So I've joined the ranks that are getting things done early! :)

I've entered this card into a challenge at: Susie & Vikki's Christmas Club. It's definitely not as busy and interesting as some of the other cards...but there's always a chance I could win! (cause you don't even have a CHANCE if you don't try!) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Kitty

Just a random picture of my cat -- thought I'd share it!
She really IS weird!!!!!!! LOL

Knowing When You Fold...

Hi all! So I made this card for a challenge on Fiskateers...but didn't make the deadline!!! Boo-hoo!!! I guess that means next time I'll have to start earlier!!! (And think about EST and what that deadline would be MY TIME! Totally confusing stuff!!!) LOL

Anyways, the challenge was to make a card that is not the typical single fold card. This is what I came up with -- although I am not all that impressed with it. I love the colours...and I love my new stamp...but I don't like the way the two sides fold...or something! I think next time I would make one side overlap the other side a bit -- just so it looks better then it stands. 'Cause right now I don't like the look!!!

Also, I have to figure out what to put on the inside. I was gonna go with using the same paper as I used on the outside...but it didn't look good! Anyone have any ideas??? Feel free to share them...I'd love some ideas!!! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribbon Ring Candy Alert!

Hi everyone! I was cleaning up my craft space last night (definitely broke my new year's resolution in less than a month...because I have NOT been keeping that place clean!!!) I just bought some great ribbons in Wpg a few days ago, and wanted to get them stored. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with a better idea than a box!!! Until a few minutes ago that is...

Have you ever heard of a ribbon ring??? I hadn't. Then I read about it at Paper Fashions -- totally totally cool idea for ribbon storage! Plus, she's giving one away as a candy!!! Totally awesome!

So here's what you have to do:

1. Post a comment on Paper Fashion's blog
2. For every friend you send to post on her blog that mentions your name you get an extra entry.
(go friends go!!! LOL)
3. Add yourself to her blog follower list. If you are already a follower then send a friend over and have them add themselves as a follower and leave a comment with my name as the referral source in a comment on the post.
4. Post a link on your facebook page or your own blog and then go back and post a link in the comments.

So lots of chances to add your name a lot of times to win this prize!

So head on over there >>> Paper Fashions <<<  And don't forget to add my name as your referral source when you leave a comment!!! :) Thanks and good luck!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Cards...for a Fiskateer Contest

It's been a busy day at my crafting table. Fiskateers has a challenge for 6 birthday cards. The cards had to have ribbons, buttons or brads. I had a blast! Here's what I created:

Debby's Dare Contest Alert!!!!

 Hi all! Debby's Dare is Croppin' and Hoppin' today! To start off, she has a contest happening. Here's how it works...

This is posted at Debby's Dare:
If you love being part of Debby’s Dare I would love to have you help me spread the word. So there will be several Dares today to help me share the word. The first Dare of the Day is for you to see how many people you can get in the next few hours to leave a comment on this post.  Here is how it is going to work:
***You comment
***You get someone else to comment and leave your name
***I will draw a winner and if you win THEN
***I will pull all the names together that left your name in the comments for them to win the same thing.
Two Winners. You have until 1 pm EST.First RAK is from Robin's Nest.

So go on over to Debby's Dare, and leave a comment on the post
>>> Croppin' & Hoppin'<<<<
Don't forget to leave my name with your comment!!! :) 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dry Emboss Card

I wanted to try a card with dry embossing in the background paper. I don't know though...the embossing is kind of hard to see. I might go back to trying to colour the embossing a bit to make it stick out more. (I tried that once before...but didn't like the end result!) I don't know why dry embossing looks so awesome on everyone else's cards!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another blog hop

Hi all! I had time this I went on another adventure -- blog hopping! There's a big one being put together by Paper Pals. There are LOTS of prizes to be won...not to mention fabulous ideas and inspiration to be gained on the journey. So take the time to head over and get started. You're sure to have fun! :)

>>> Blog Hop <<<

Another Card, Another Challenge

It's been a very productive day for me in my craft room. Here's another card I put together. I love the new stash of crafting supplies I got in the mail -- I'm having a blast using them!

I've also entered this card into a challenge at: Raise the Bar.Wish me luck!!! :)

Update: Debuting those little dragonfly embellishes...and the new paper. Aren't those dragonflies just simply adorable??????

Scrapbits Giveaway

I was just blog hopping when I came across Scrap Bits. The blog is featuring a Birthday Giveaway -- this is what the prize looks like!

Wouldn't that be totally awesome!!!! Anyways...if you head on over...leave a comment...and tell them Divinity sent you! It adds up points for me...and you as well!!! So let's get this party rockin'! And good luck everyone! :)

Trying Something New

Here is another birthday card I made -- going to enter it into the "Something New" Challenge at "Charisma Cards".  I've always loved the circle stamps on I thought I wold try using one. I like it! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Square Card Sizes

As you all might have has not been a very productive week as far as scrapbooking and card making go. I've been too busy...not to mention dealing with a big case of scrap-blocking. A time when even "TRYING" to overcome it results in mediocre projects. And that usually makes me mad! So I just give up until I get the inspiration back. The clock is ticking...

I did get a prize packet in the mail yesterday...and right now I'm just dying to get my creative juices flowing. I'm just wondering what sizes the square cards are that so many of the bloggers are making??? I'd really appreciate getting feedback! I've made about three square cards...but all of them were different sizes as I adjusted the card to the paper sizes I had (I was using up scraps). I got a whole bunch of card making supplies yesterday -- with awesome papers. So I am no longer limiting my cards to the scrap sizes.

So what's the best square card size to work with??????

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Angel

I'm having scrapper's block...not to mention lack of time to do anything about it this week! So you'll have to bear with me -- hopefully some ideas will start flowing soon...'cause I have so many projects I want to do. How does one get out of scrapper's block???????? Any ideas???

Anyways, here's an "oldie goldie" from my scrapbook. And yes...the photos do have a purple tint. Just to be different...and I loved the look! :) Aren't those dimples to die for??????

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super Cute Stamps -- CANDY!

Hi everyone! I've been super busy these days as we're refurbishing some kitchen cabinets. Man is that a lot of work!!! :) Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads-up about some great new candy. INKED INSPIRATION is offering Magnolia's latest collection!!!!! Wouldn't THAT be an awesome bunch to win???!!! Check out the blog and enter:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Card Won!!!

Guess what??? I was the WINNER for the challenge #52 'Celebrations' with Simon says!!!!!! $20 gift certificate!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!

I am seriously hooked to this whole blogging/crafting/entering challenges thingy. LOL I just want to encourage everyone who reads my blog -- go enter! Enter the candy, enter the challenges. You may not think your creations are good enough (at least that's my problem half the time...when I compare them to the "big-time scrappers", but you still have a chance. If you don't enter at don't even have that! At least then you can say "you tried". :) And you just might get the surprise of your life...when your name appears in the winners column!!! :)

Have a blessed day y'all -- I'll try post something later on today (not sure what exactly yet!) I'm busy these days as we're going about a big project with varnishing a huge cabinet -- fun fun fun!!! :p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Hops

I've discovered blog hops this year. :) They are totally awesome -- although time don't start one if you only have a few minutes. But they're definitely worth the time/trouble!!! LOL

For those of you who don't know...a blog hop is multiple bloggers deciding on a theme or something...and then one blog links you to the next person in the hop. Basicly it showcases the blog hops participants work. Really cool stuff -- and very inspirational. Not to mention that blog hop often have RAKS and stuff as well.

So anyways, I said I'd blog about the one I just finished. Charisma Cardz Challenges has a blog hop -- until Jan 7th. There are great prizes and just fab cards to showcase. Go check it out!!!! :) I promise you'll have fun!

One Card, Multiple Challenges

Well, I've discovered that I could use this one card as entrees for different contests. So, I've entered it at: Peg's Crafting Corner and Charisma Cardz Challenges.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting the New Year off with Contests

I logged in to my blog this morning to discover I've won another blog candy!!!!!!!! Seriously, I don't know what's with 2010, but I'm winning draws!!!!!!!! This year is gonna rock!!!!!! LOL :)

As I was reading through the blogs I follow, I came across quite a number of contests. I'm determined to join contests this year -- they not only have great prizes...but you also learn a lot. Just looking over the creations I made last year I saw an improvement in my layouts...and especially my cards. So this year I'm aiming for bigger and better...and these contests are just the way to broaden my horizon a bit.

So here are a few you might find interesting:

If It's Groovy is celebrating it's first birthday with lots of contests and prizes. Check it out! :)

There's also a great contest at Finding Your Niche. This contest is great -- one that anyone can do -- and relax as well! LOL

So go check them out...and good luck!!! :) Happy Scrappin'

Friday, January 1, 2010



I can't believe it!! I'm like the unluckiest person I know as far as draws are concerned -- I have never, ever won a draw of any kind!!! This new year is looking up!!!!!!! LOL

I've also noticed I have quite a number of new blog followers! Totally totally awesome! Thanks you guys...hope I don't disappoint! And thanks for all the comments as well -- especially those of you who took the time to answer the questions I asked on your blog. Thanks you guys! :)

Hope your new year is off to a GREAT start! Blessings! :)