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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Mr. Charming!

Hi there! Do you have a certain style when it comes to layouts or cards??? Well, I do!!! Big-time!!! And although I love other peoples ideas and various styles, I usually find myself going back to the way I ALWAYS scrap. I sit down with a certain technique in mind...but after awhile I give up because...I don't know! I just do! And then I end up with another layout that looks basically like a page I did before!!!! Totally frustrating!!!

So anyways, I've had this picture lying in my "to scrap" pile for a long time now. Yesterday I determined to get it scrapped...but came up empty!!! I've been trying to incorporate circles of some kind into my layouts...but have found it's harder than it looks. At least for me -- I've been the girl of solid lines...straight lines, etc. scrapping for over a year now...and getting out of that groove is difficult! :(

BUT...I got it all worked out this morning!!! What do you think???

The journaling reads:
When Tyler was about 3 or 4 years old, all the girls his age were into Disney princesses. Whenever they played "dress up", everyone chose a different Disney princess to play. Wanting to involve Tyler in the game, we called him our "Prince Charming". I guess he wanted to be like all his little playmates, because he turned to us and stated, "I am not Prince Charming, I'm Cinderella!!!"

I raised the letters to give a little extra affect to the whole page. Love this layout!!! :)

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