Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ribbon Tying Tutorial #1 -- The Knot

I've had quite a few people ask me how I make the ribbons on my cards. If you are a follower or even looked a just a few of my cards, you will no doubt see that I used a few different techniques with the ribbons. Some are simpler than others, but whichever one I just gives the cards and layouts a little something extra. :)

I've been leaving comments on other people's blogs about how much I love their tutorials (on anything and everything!). So I figured I should probably give it a shot as well!!! :p Not sure how good this one will be -- but as far as tying ribbons go -- that's how I learned the techniques I use myself!

Just remember, it takes patience...and if the ribbon doesn't look good the first time...try, try, try again! :)

On to the tutorial!

I know it probably sounds simple, but it took me awhile until I had finally mastered this particular tying technique. And as I discovered just awhile ago, there are a few different techniques to making the knot.

Technique 1:

First, take a bottle and tie the ribbon around the top. (double knotted and evenly spaced).

Now pull the ribbon off...and cut the loop at an angle (so you get a nice finished look to the ties)

Finally adhere the ribbon to your card.

Technique 2:

This technique requires two pieces of ribbon. Your first piece gets wrapped around the card and taped in the back.

Next, take a smaller piece of ribbon...and tie that piece around the first piece (wherever you want your bow to be).

And there you have it!!! All set to make those knot ribbons!!! Have fun!! :)

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  1. Thank you for these tutorials Divinity I am having a blast looking at so many to find different ideas I love it when people pass there creativity and inspiration on to us. I have always admired your bows but I still cannot get to grips with the 'bunny ears' lol I will have to visit several times to get it right
    Lorraine x


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