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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I had to make another set of baptism cards, as the ones I had made before actually got sold!!! Whoooo-hooo!!! Not all, but half of them at least! So that's like soooooo totally cool!!! I love making the cards, so if I have to make some worries on my part!!! :)

I went with some medium/dark colours this time. The last batch was bright and fun and spring-like...and after making 20 plus of them, I was getting a little tired!!! Especially of the flowers -- although I totally love those punches!!! The flowers rock!!! (Thus...the one exception card -- just had to make another one using both the flowers and the bling!!! LOL)

I kept the basic design of my favourite cards though -- totally love the dry embossing on these cards. Didn't add bling this time though -- went with pins instead. A friend gave me some tiny ones...and they were just perfect!!! :)

Also, I have always love the circle sentiments on cards. Most people have stamps, but me...not really into all that advanced card-making stuff! So I had to make my own!!! Went to work with Microsoft Word again -- and this is what I got! :) I used a decorative edge scissor to make the scallops on the circle...and WHAH-LA!!!! :) This card is definitely my favourite of the batch! :)


  1. What a gorgeous set!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Nice set of baptism cards! I think you were on a roll when you did these! :)


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