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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here's my latest layout. It's actually the second time I've tried making a layout for this picture. The first one didn't turn out -- and although I did have it in my scrapbook for a few weeks, I was never happy with it. So I decided instead of not liking it...why not go at it again! I used the same layout as I used for the Mr. Prince Charming page. Although laying them side-by-side there's a world of a difference between them! It's amazing what a difference paper can make!!!

The background paper I used here is NOT my style! I don't really like big patterns on my scrap paper -- but I had it in a I figured I should try using it. Really, it turned out ok...and I like the over all look. It's not the best page I've ever done...but at least now when I look through my scrapbooks and get to this picture I won't cringe!!! :p

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  1. AWW Super cute page, love the princess theme!


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