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Friday, February 26, 2010

Reuse -- Recycle

Have you noticed how much "bling" is on clothes these days??? I was sorting some clothes for Christian Aid this week, and for the first time ever realized how often they use bling on clothes. We were throwing out a lot of used clothes and stuff...and I thought, "Why not try to reuse the bling???" I mean, seriously, it looks exactly like the rhinestones you can buy for scrapping...except the ones on the clothes are sewn on...or don't stick anymore after you take them off the clothes. But hey -- that's what double-sided tape is for!!! LOL

Yes, it DOES work!!! I've tried it a few times...and you wouldn't know if the bling is new...or taken off old clothes!!! :)

Here's the latest layout I did. This one has BOTH used bling...and new bling. Can you tell the difference??? I think not!!! :) Btw, this layout is a lift I did from the Fiskateer's gallery. I love it!!!

The big rhinestone in HAPPINESS is new...all the little bling are reused ones taken off clothes!!!


  1. Hi Divinity first may I say what a beautiful name you have the second is to say thank you for becoming a follower of my blog I hope I can bring you some additional inspiration and thirdly I have been looking at your work and your layouts are fabulous the colours are so fresh and bright the photos are all so lovely.
    Lorraine x

  2. I love your layout!! The colors are so bright and cheerful!! Thanks for awesome tip on reusing bling!


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