Thursday, February 25, 2010

Embellishing and Titling

I've actually showcased one of these two pages already -- had it for my top 6 favourites of 2009. :) The first page was missing its title though -- as I hadn't been able to come up with anything good or anything I liked.

This week as I was looking through my scrapbook, I decided enough is enough! It's time to title it -- embellish it, the works! I just wanted to get that page finished already!!! So I went online to look for ideas (I LOVE the internet!!! And people that post their layouts to inspire others -- totally my heroes!!!!)

I found some templates for graduation embellishments online....and decided to try my luck. I love them!!! They turned out soooo cute -- and they're so simple to make!

The rest of the titling was a piece of cake. And now my layout is FINALLY complete!!! What do YOU think???



  1. I think your pages look fantastic, those embellishments are so cute and would look great on a card too! Thanks for sharing your pictures of this special day, great job!!!!

  2. These pages are fabulous, what great layouts!!! Fab pics too!

  3. these pages are amazing - beautiful layout


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