Monday, February 22, 2010

Truly Inspired!!! :)

This weekend was busy -- spending time with family and friends! No time for crafts -- didn't even try if I'm being honest! :p It was a busy week -- helping out with sewing quilts for Haiti and other countries in need. So scrapping took a backseat.

I've been waiting to get some backings on the cards I made last weekend. Once I got started with that batch, I just couldn't stop!!! I discovered using BLING!!! Man do I love that stuff now!! Can't wait to get more!!! :) It truly does wonders for cards -- not an overly-huge fan of using it in scrapbook layouts yet though. Although it can look good there as well -- it's just not a huge requirement. Whereas when it comes to cards, bling totally does it for me!

So what do you think of this batch??? The theme with these cards is Baptism...and I had A LOT to make, so I reused the same design a few times. Although I did get a variety in there as well. I love this batch. They are, in my opinion, the best cards I have ever created!!!

It's amazing how much of an impact looking through galleries and getting to know other scrappers and card makers can have on your creations. So here's a great big "thank you" to all the people who keep coming back to my blog -- keep leaving their comments. Yeah for you!!! You help inspire me -- you help make me better as this craft!!! :)

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