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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A bargain indeed!!! :)

Well, my printer has decided it's gonna be a burden..and isn't working!!! So I can't finish off the scrapbook layout I've been working on since yesterday!!! Technology is so stressful!!!!!!!

I was in Wpg yesterday -- and man did I ever find some awesome stuff!!! A friend mentioned she's found some great papers in the I went to check it out -- and WOW!!!! They have pack of 10 papers for $1.00!!!!!!!! They've always had 6 packs for $1.00, but for the most part I didn't like all the papers. And probably only used like 40% of what I bought! But it's just a not really that much of a biggie -- considering the Michaels sells their papers for $1.00 EACH!!! Like OUCH!!!

Just thought I'd post some pics...aren't these papers absolutely GORGEOUS!!! And there's not one in each of the packs that I don't like! Just beautiful!

(**Btw, the brownish paper pack is missing two papers, 'cause I had taken them out to scrap a layout)


  1. O wow I wish I was somewhere there and could get my hands on them too, they're absolutely gorgeous xx

  2. Wow great buy Divinity the papers look beautiful you are going to have fun with these.
    Lorraine x

  3. Wow! They're absolutely gorgeous, the colours are sooooo beautiful!

    Thanks for entering my candy and good luck,



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