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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Table Runners

This year my mom decided she wanted to give her lady friends some patchwork crafts. I've been wanting a reason to sit down behind my sewing machine...and I was all too happy to help out. I found some awesome sites on the net that have great patterns for table runners. What better way to brighten a table than with a beautiful runner -- and a Christmas runner adds a lot of Christmas spirit during the holidays. Here are a few that I made so far -- I love the way they turned out! Especially since these were my FIRST runners EVER!!! :)

This one is paper pieced. It was my first runner...and I didn't exactly know what I was doing -- or even trying to do. I simply followed the instructions...and hoped and prayed it would turn out right! But I love it! Selfishly, I decided to keep it for our table -- I'll say I was being a bit sentimental (it being my first one)...and leave it at that! :)

I went with a pattern I found on the net -- no paper piecing (considering I had so many to make...I decided it would take too long to get them all done if I paper pieced them all). I love the orange/red fabric! I only had a small amount of it -- and just JUST had enough to complete the runner. Man was I glad!!!

Another one with the same pattern as above -- this time I alternated the red/green fabric with the center block...just to give a different look. I love the green Christmas-y fabric!

This is my favourite! I'm gonna make a few of these -- at least using this particular pattern and the green material. I KNEW I had saved it over two years ago...for just such a Christmas project...but couldn't remember where I'd put it. Man was I ever glad to FINALLY find it -- and my initial reaction to the material proved true -- IT'S PERFECT for patchworking! I love it!!! :)

So my mom figured the yellow on my "favourite" runner was too bright -- so I made one with a lighter patterned yellow. As you can see, it's not NEARLY as awesome! It's ok, but just ok. I love it when I'm right! LOL

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