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Friday, December 4, 2009

Non-traditional Christmas

 I found a video for a cute Christmas card how-to
and set out to try it. I totally loved the idea of having the card opening...and still seeing the little picture on top. So I set out to see if I could follow directions... LOL

I don't have a scallop circle punch I had to cut out the scallops. It wasn't very fun -- but the card did turn out ok. :)

But I wasn't that overly pleased with the look, so I decided to make one without the cutout. This time I used a scalloping scissor to make the circle...and it turned out sooooooo much better! And I just LOVE the snowmen! :)

This card has quickly become my favourite Christmas card this year. I've always associated Christmas with the colours red and green...but this year, this card changed it for me. Blue may be non-traditional -- but the cards look awesome!!! (and yes...I did make quite a few with this layout! I just love it!)

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