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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at 2009 in layouts

Hi all! I was looking through my blog reading list this morning when I came across a few people who did a blog showcasing their favourite cards or layouts for the year 2009. See Kim's and Pinky's. I thought it a great I'm doing the same.

I really got into scrapbooking this year -- and it's been fun! It was hard to pick just I put in one extra, 'cause five just wasn't enough!! Here are my top 6 layouts:

 This was is pretty basic, but I like the overall look! :)

This was my first ever layout with different picture sizes. Plus...a two page layout, which for someone who really knew nothing much about scrapbooking was a bit complicated. But it was fun to see it come together and create a wonderful memorial to some great moments in time! :)

I really liked what I saw at Their various collage scrapbook pages in the gallery really inspired me. I totally love the way these two pages turned out -- a great way to put together multiple pictures...and have the layout look spectacular! :) And I like that it doesn't need a lot of extras to make the page look good.

Tried something new here: tearing some paper...and rub-ons. For some reason this page jumps out of the scrapbook whenever I look through it. :)

Of course I can't forget this page. I don't know why...but it quickly became my favourite as I was creating it! Usually pages get a little bit "old" after you look at them too often...but this one doesn't! I think it's the orange or something!!! LOL Or perhaps it's just the cat who stole my heart! :)

And finally at number 6 I have this one. Totally adorable -- and I love the way I managed to bring the colours of her dress out so perfectly with the background paper! She is my little cutie pie! :)

Anyways, that's it for this year! I could see myself growing through the layouts I made this year -- just think of what next year will hold!!! LOL

Blessings to all... :)


  1. Great Idea and it's true, they are all gorgeous!!!!



  2. That is a good idea. I really like your mountain LO.

  3. Great idea!

    As for your question on my blog - Blog hops are basically a group of bloggers who get together to showcase a theme, a product, etc.
    In the case of the one I am in - on a monthly basis, a group of Close to My Heart consultants gets together and we all create something using our "Stamp of the Month". We then all post at the same time with our creations and then link to eachother. So people can come to our blogs check out the creations, and then follow links from blog to blog to see what everyone else created too! Does that make sense? Most of the posts for this month's hop have now gone live - although there might be a few missing until tomorrow. But you can check it out with my most recent post on my blog.
    Hope that answers your question!

  4. WOW These are gorgeous layouts.....I really need to scrapbook some more these days...thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!! I wish you and your family many blessings in 2010!!!! Happy New Year!!


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