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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Brave!

It's summertime....and these days I'm much too busy doing anything and everything else to spend any time at my scrapping table. So yeah, my blog will not be updated much in the next few months....but here's a little something to showcase for now.

This is the lastest rug I made. I started out wanting to make it all blue, but I didn't like my third shade of blue, so I opted for gray instead. Everytime I show this to people....they say something like "well you're brave!". Not sure exactly what it is about this rug that makes me "brave", but okay! LOL I love it, and that's the only important part here anyways! :p


  1. I LUV LUV IT!!! grey is one of the nicest colors!! Wod luv to see it for real. pls come again!

  2. I think people say "you're brave" because that looks like such a long, intensive project to take on. Your rug is beautiful!


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