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Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken Punch

Oh wow!!! I have just been inspired even more to buy Fiskar products!!! :)

I was punching some cardstock with a friend's border punch (pictured) a few weeks ago, when the handle just broke off!!! It's something I'd always been scared of happening -- and then it did!!!

I had heard that Fiskar's has a lifetime warrenty on their products -- and so I contacted them on their website. A few weeks later, a replacement punch arrived in the mail!!! How awesome is that!?! Giving my friend a new fiskars punch felt great! :)

So yah for Fiskar products!!! :) They may be expensive, but they're totally worth it!  They do feature some of the best punches (especially) -- their squeeze punches are totally awesome as well -- about the easiest punches to use. So yeah -- if you're going to buy a punch, why not check out the Fiskars products. You won't be disappointed. :)


  1. This is good to know thanks, didn't know they had this lifetime warranty. I got some of these punches, and always think they are really good.

  2. One more reason I am proud to be a Fisk-a-teer! If you are interested, check out to find out how you can join!


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