Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blooming Beauties

I was going through the pictures I have to scrap on the computer when I came across the file containing pictures I'd taken of the greenhouse in full bloom. Definitely scrap-worthy!!! :) By the time I had selected all the flowers I wanted to showcase I had a two page display!!! But that's ok! They're all too gorgeous not to be seen...and what better way to show off the blooms than in a scrapbook!!! :) My mom and I had a blast with these flowers -- although she did like 90% of the work -- I did help!!! Transplanting, watering, etc. It's a busy time of the year, but I love it! Just hanging out in the greenhouse during those cold winter days makes spring seem so much closer!! And who can resist these gorgeous blooms!!!

I was gonna add some embellishments, but by the time I had all the photos lined up, there wasn't much room for anything else! But the flowers are so bright and cheerful -- the pages really don't need anything!

I absolutely love the big top photo! :)

The only little bit of "extra" I added to the page...lifted the title to make it 2D.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!

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  1. WOW GORGEOUS page and those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!


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