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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Challenge for YOU!

My mom was garage sale-ing on Saturday. She knows I am forever running low on envelopes, so when she saw a pack of "Shower Invites" that included 20 envelopes for a quarter, she bought them. I opened the package, took out the envelopes  and just as I was in the process of throwing the cards into the garbage can, I saw the back of the cards. Stripes! And I thought -- you can never go wrong with keeping some striped paper around.

As I was stashing the envelopes and cards away, I decided to try making another Criss Cross Card using the striped paper on the cards...and the image on the front of the card as well. (might as well use everything since it's right there, eh?)

I just LOVE this card! I actually sat down and made five!!!!

They're so cute!!! :) Only 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 -- so basically they're small note cards. They're quick...easy...definitely don't look simple...but sooooo much fun! :) Tied a ribbon around it to hold it all together...and it's ready to be sent to someone! I never knew fancy folding cards could be so much fun! Maybe I'll try a few other techniques!

 Go out of YOUR comfort zone...and try something new today! :) Triangle Tri Fold Cards Tutorial


  1. Wow......I wish I would find a bargain like that....I never have any luck garage saling....great cards....

  2. Thanks so much for the link to the tutorial, I've never tried this type of card and will surely have a go now. . . and your cards are lovely, lovely striped paper too!!!

  3. Great job on those cards Divinity!


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