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Friday, January 15, 2010

Square Card Sizes

As you all might have has not been a very productive week as far as scrapbooking and card making go. I've been too busy...not to mention dealing with a big case of scrap-blocking. A time when even "TRYING" to overcome it results in mediocre projects. And that usually makes me mad! So I just give up until I get the inspiration back. The clock is ticking...

I did get a prize packet in the mail yesterday...and right now I'm just dying to get my creative juices flowing. I'm just wondering what sizes the square cards are that so many of the bloggers are making??? I'd really appreciate getting feedback! I've made about three square cards...but all of them were different sizes as I adjusted the card to the paper sizes I had (I was using up scraps). I got a whole bunch of card making supplies yesterday -- with awesome papers. So I am no longer limiting my cards to the scrap sizes.

So what's the best square card size to work with??????


  1. Hi Divinity, The size of my square cards are as follows:
    I take a 11x8.5 piece of paper and fold it in the middle of the 11" side so it comes to 5.5 inches.
    Next I score the 8" side to 5" and cut the remaining paper off.
    Its kinda hard to explain but your card should meature of to be 5" high and 5.5" wide.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Hi - i used 13.5cm card blanks from Anitas / docrafts. Tends to work for me.


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