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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Knowing When You Fold...

Hi all! So I made this card for a challenge on Fiskateers...but didn't make the deadline!!! Boo-hoo!!! I guess that means next time I'll have to start earlier!!! (And think about EST and what that deadline would be MY TIME! Totally confusing stuff!!!) LOL

Anyways, the challenge was to make a card that is not the typical single fold card. This is what I came up with -- although I am not all that impressed with it. I love the colours...and I love my new stamp...but I don't like the way the two sides fold...or something! I think next time I would make one side overlap the other side a bit -- just so it looks better then it stands. 'Cause right now I don't like the look!!!

Also, I have to figure out what to put on the inside. I was gonna go with using the same paper as I used on the outside...but it didn't look good! Anyone have any ideas??? Feel free to share them...I'd love some ideas!!! :)

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  1. a brilliant card -shame you missed the deadline


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